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All About Freshwater Fishing for Catfish, Bass, Northern Pike, Perch, Sheepshead, Trout, Salmon, Walleye, Muskie and More. Plus Rods, Reels, and Tackle Reviews coming soon. Please bookmark our pages and come back often.


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The Larry Curly and Moe of Fishing. Common places to get hooks stuck include:

Fingers, Hands, Leg and the Rear end.

Uncommon places to get hooks stuck 

In the nose, Yup B Rad flung back in high waves lost balance and hooked Mr C right in the Nostrils. Yup but hes from Canada eh! Just kept on fishing, didn’t even stop to throw his brother overboard neither. The fish were biting you see! Me> Big Daddy I just fish in the back catching the most whilst watching the show! Join us here and enjoy the show with us.

BD Fishing Canada Freshwater Sports Fishing About us

BD Fishing Canada Big Daddy Gman

BD Fishing Canada Freshwater Sports Fishing About Us

Mr C

BD Fishing Canada Freshwater Sports Fishing About us

B Rad


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