BEST CATFISHING NETS: #1 Fishing Net Buyers Guide

Top Rated Catfishing Nets To Land Those Fish

Catching a catfish is not an easy task, Catfish is one monstrous and flathead fish that requires a lot of tips and effort to catch.  Cat Fishing nets play an important role in catching fish. Therefore, having one of  the best catfishing nets by your side is one of the most proficient catfishing necessities.

Whether you are fishing rivers or lakes, you need these fishing nets to increase your catch. A catfishing net can be defined as a type of net used to trap or hold catfish. These nets are always made of meshes created by joining thin threads together. There are many kinds of catfishing nets, from tiny hand nets and launch grates to large trawls and drift nets.


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In a hurry to get fishing? Me too! Here’s the best fishing nets


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Good catfish nets protect the fish and help in catch and release. So when choosing a catfish net you need to choose the one that is feasible for catching a good-sized catfish. And also to ensure your net is strong enough not to let the fish escape.

There are many types of top catfishing nets available on the market and making the right choice could be a bit difficult. So, in order to help you make the right choice, we have done the hard work for you and reviewed the best catfishing nets on the market and come up with the following,. We hope this helps you choose the right net for your catfish fishing adventures.


KastKing Fishing Net Folding Landing Net

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KastKing fishing net is another decent choice for catfishing, it is one of the strongest folding and collapsible landing nets on the market today. It usually extends quickly when you want to use it and folds easily for easy transport and storage.

The net handle is made of aluminum, making it very light and firm, so you can use it to catch even other giant fish. In addition to that, the handle is also extendable. KastKing Fishing Net is made with hooks friendly materials that will keep the hooks from getting twisted allowing for easy fish releasing.

This is one of the best fishing nets for catching catfish; it is durable, tangle-free, and flexible. Its unique coating protects against the hook getting stuck in the net and it won’t damage the fish’s scales, this help in safe and quick release. The following are other great features that make this fishing net one of the best for cat fishing.

  • Lightweight and aluminum handle
  • Madbite folding net
  • The fishing net is made of hook friendly material
  • High-quality lightweight fishing net.

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Ed Cummings Heavy Duty fishing Net

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This is a heavy-duty catfish and salmon net, it comes with 48 Inches handle and the frame dimensions is 30-1 / 2 “x 31-1 / 4”. This easy-to-handle catfishing net provides the best assistance in pulling the fish and can be store in compact spaces. The transparent aluminum and self-aligning handle are durable and strong. The foam grips give you the stable comfort you need while tackling your catfish. Lastly, the hook-free polyethylene net is designed to keep your hook out of the way. And the following are other great features that make this fishing net one of the best.

  • The net hoop dimensions is 30 1/2″ x 30 1/4″
  • The Polyethylene Netting Depth is 48”
  • The handle length is48” slide-a-way

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Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net

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Frabill is one of our favorites when it comes to making high-quality fishing nets, and two of their products make our list. Although this is one of the most expensive nets, it will last longer and it comes with every great feature that you need in a catfish net. This is one net you will appreciate if you decide to buy it.

This is one great net for fishermen who practice cash and release. It comes with 100 percent knotless mesh, which eliminates injuries that usually occur due to sharp knots. Frabill net flat linear bottom helps reduces rolling of the fish, as well as supporting the entire weight of fish. The tangle-free coating stop hooks from tangling with the net. And the mesh guard hoops prevent wear and extend the net life.

This fishing net is perfect for catfish and other big fish; it is also safe for saltwater and freshwater species. The following are other great features that make this fishing net popular for fishing catfish.

  • This fishing net is designed with catch and release fishermen in mind
  • It comes with a flat bottom net basket
  • It is without knots
  • It reduces fish injuries
  • It is catfish friendly net
  • It is built to last long
  • It has stainless steel hardware

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Ranger Big Game Landing Net

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This is one of the best catfishing nets; ranger big game is my favorite when it comes to catfish nets. This line of fishing nets has a few alternatives to choose from, and your option will come down to the hoop size you are looking for.

This kind of net has many qualities of a rubber net without extra weight. It is perfect for catch-and-release because the fish will peacefully stay on the bottom as you get rid of the hook. Ranger fishing net comes with a knotless and tangle-free rubber-cover nylon flat bottom net with 3/4 inches holes, which creates little resistance in the water. Ranger net becomes our number one choice because they are known for being very durable.

These are the USA made nets, and the following are other features that contribute to make Ranger Big Game net our number one choice.

  • Durable octagon handles
  • Ideal for catch-and-release fishing
  • Knot-less, tangle-free nylon bottom

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Cumings Big Cat Catfish Net

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This is our second best Catfishing net. Cumings has been making quality nets since 1927; they have a large selection of catfish nets. These fishing nets provide a great combination of strength and durability, at a very reasonable price.

The Cumings Big Cat Net is perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to catfishing nets. The handle is 48 inches long and 1 and 1/4 inches in diameter. It provides an easy grip that will help you lift the fish easily. This is also a sliding handle, which can be separated for easy transportability and storage.

These nets are durable and come with great features that make it easy to catch catfish. The following are what make Cumings Big Cat our second choice when it comes to the best nets for catching catfish.

  • It comes with durable 5/8″ bow
  • Heavy 1 ¼ inches octagonal
  • Lifetime guaranteed yokes
  • It has slide-a-way handle
  • Stainless steel powder coated screws
  • Super strong netting
  • Also perfect for saltwater fishing

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EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net

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This award-winning fishing net is one of the best nets for landing catfish. With a 24-inch deep bag that stretches up to 36 inches with heavy loads and a flat bottom. This fishing net remains one of the perfect choices for fishing catfish and other giant fish.

The handle expands from 29 inches to 60 inches and is rated for average to large saltwater and freshwater fish of about 20 pounds when fully extended and 30 pounds when fully collapsed.

For more than a decade now, EGO has been making quality fishing nets that addressed the many performances and functional problems that existed with the traditional products. This PVC coated mesh net is designed to prevent hooks from getting tangled.

This ground-breaking design with ACME-style screw studs disassembles it for easy transportation and storage. The following are other great features that make this fishing net one of the best for fishing catfish.

  • Ego S2 Slider Net features an 18-inch handle and spans a total of 36 inches.
  • This fishing net is tangle-free lightweight black or clear rubber mesh
  • It comes with flat bottom and 15 ” bag depth
  • The unique scoop design aids in the fish landing process
  • It has a medium hoop size of about 17 inches by 19 inches
  • The 18 inch Slider handle extended up to 36 inches.

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Factors to Consider when Buying Catfishing Nets

There are important factors to look out for when buying a catfish net. In order to help you make the right choice, the following are the factors you need to consider when choosing the best fishing net that suits your particular needs.


Netting Material:

Coated nylon, non-coated nylon, and rubber are some of the popular netting materials available in the market. Also, you can choose the knotless and knotted categories. Coated nylon and rubber are often fish-friendly, but knotted and non-coated nylon fishing net can damage. One important advantage of investing in a mesh-treated net is that the coating provides better performance. The rubberized treatment provides a semi-stiffness that significantly reduces tangles compared to the untreated mesh.

Another benefit is that the coating prevents the hooks from penetrating the mesh when a fish lands in the pen. It is true that coated mesh nets are more expensive, but they worth it because they will save you the time you will have to spend dealing with tangles, so you can focus on fishing. And lastly, in most cases, it is best to choose a net with a black mesh and a black hoop. This is because low-visibility color nets will not spook the fish while you are trying to catch them.


Mesh Size:

This is another important consideration when buying catfish nets. The mesh size is often very important. Choose micro mesh for delicate fish. For catfish and other bigger fish, you need a heavier mesh of average size.

A big mesh size will hold less resistance to water. The size of the mesh holes is also important. For sensitive fish such as small stream trout, choose a small, micro-mesh. But for catfish, a heavier mesh with holes of about 1 inch in size is needed. For large fish a 1.5 to 2-inch mesh is recommended. The bigger the mesh holes size, the less water resistance, and the easier you can move the net through the water.


Handle Material and Length:

Another important factor when choosing fishing net is the material and the handle. The short handles make the nets compact and easy to maneuver, but you can’t use the net if the fish is not nearby. On the other hand, long handles are great for big water.

Another important feature of the net is the handle material. Most of them are made from fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. Fiberglass and aluminum will be light and strong. A well-designed wood handles are not only lightweight and strong but also have a natural, lovely aesthetic. Apart from the materials itself, get a sturdy handle for long-lasting. If you are targeting big fish, go for net handles with reinforced construction for extra strength and durability.



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