Features and Benefits Using Top Grease for Fishing Reels

One of the most ignored parts of maintaining a fishing reel is greasing the reel. Many of times we returned home after a long day on the water, we put away our reels in a corner somewhere and forget about them until the next time we are ready to go fishing.

Depending on the type of reel, you may be able to continue this for some years. But sooner or later, something will go wrong with the reel systems and you will have to discard or search for replacement parts. This is where getting some best fishing reel grease and oil to own and keeping it on hand is recommended.

We are all guilty of this, I’m not an exemption. I have left costly reels to fend for themselves against debris, dirt, and any other dregs that I may have picked from the various lakes, rivers, and ponds that I have visited.

Most of us have been fortunate without any loss of fish due to this neglect for fishing reel maintenance, but there is a better way to keep our reel working as if it were new. Properly and frequently greasing of our fishing reels. Since I started greasing my fishing reels, the problem has been eliminated. Even my old and abandon reel have been responding properly and are still catching fish consistently. Click on any images for more details.


  1. Penn Grease

This fishing grease from Penn is the perfect solution for greasing your reel. It is quite sticky, which means it will stick on, and won’t need to be replaced soon. Penn made this grease with high-quality material, which guarantees high lubrication, load-carrying capacity, water stability, and anti-rust qualities.

This grease covers all the reel important parts such as the ball bearings, handle knobs, and line rollers. It will perform well over a wide variety of temperatures and environments, making it the perfect choice for saltwater and freezing temperature fishing. With this grease, you can prevent corrosion and help your reel last long and perform effectively.

The Penn grease is all you need to keep your fishing reels friction-free. And the following are what make these fishing grease fishermen favorite.

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  • It includes both grease and oil
  • It has a high load-carrying capacity
  • Highly sticky reel grease will stay in place
  • It is perfect for any moving part inside your fishing reel
  • Ample and generous filling
  • Excellent price for such great features
  • It can be used with other compatible grease types

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  1. Ardent Reel Butter Grease

This high-quality grease will prevent corrosion and is thick enough to stick to any moving part inside the reel housing. It is grease specifically designed for fishing reels, so it is similar to the grease that is already there from the manufacturer. Ardent butter grease will work on both freshwater and saltwater reel. It is 100 percent synthetic oil, which means it will protect all your reel internal elements from corrosive saltwater.

This is long-lasting average thickness grease designed to protect reels and other inner mechanical gears. It contains a corrosion inhibitor designed to significantly prevent corrosion. It also comes with a UV tracker, so you can really know where grease needs to be reapplied. The following are what make this grease a fisherman favorite.

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  • It is fully synthetic
  • No gumming
  • Comes with rust inhibitor
  • It works for freshwater and saltwater
  • It is one of the best greases for fishing reels
  • It works in a variety of temperatures
  • It comes with synthetic tipped swabs to access tiny and tight spaces

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  1. Shimano Dura-Ace Fishing Reel Grease

Based on your preferences and budget, this fishing reel grease comes in different pricing and filling sizes. The drags and gears of your reels need some lubrication to function at their best. This grease was designed to keep its drag smooth as glass and protects its gears. The grease is very sticky and will remain on your gears.

Shimano fishing grease low friction lubricants will help maintain this new sensation in the drags on your fishing reels. You will not experience the sharp jerk and the line will go smoothly so you can adjust the drag setting to fit the line you are using.

This grease is cheap insurance for catching the fish of a lifetime. In addition, this grease not only prevents corrosion and rust build-up around your reel but will also stops water from entering the bearings. The following are what make this fishing grease a fishermen favorite.

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  • It works as a water barrier to prevent water in the bearings.
  • High rust and corrosion resistance
  • It comes in different sizes
  • It is popular high-quality fishing grease
  • This reel Grease is cheap insurance for catching big fish
  • Thin finish and low viscosity
  • The Shimano reel grease is super sticky and will stay on your gears

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  1. Abu Garcia Fishing Grease

This fishing grease is designed by those who know reel very well; it guarantees smooth performance every season.

Abu Garcia fishing grease is designed to withstand cold and heat; it is particularly designed with a viscous consistency ideal for high-performance parts. Made to protect against corrosion, it is built as the ideal maintenance tool for all kinds of reels, and to also protect against wear.

Abu Garcia Reel Grease guarantees a spot on the lubrication and maintenance of your fishing reels. In addition, this fishing grease is also designed to service all kinds of fishing reels. The strong metal wrench allows you to remove bigger screws to access the compartments inside the reel. The following are some great features that make these fishing grease fishermen favorite.

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  • It comes with a complete cleaning, maintenance, and lubricating kit
  • Degreaser successfully leaves your fishing reel spot clean
  • It is perfect for cleaning and lubricating reels
  • It comes with easy to carry case
  • It improves the reel’s working power
  • It has low viscosity formula
  • Perfect for high-performance parts
  • It resists cold and heat
  • It protects against corrosion
  • Perfect for baitcasting reels
  • It also helps maintain and service your reels properly

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  1. Yamalube Marine Grease

This is synthetic silicon carbide grease designed just for fishing reels. It boasts high functioning lubrication and the grease components are also developed to withstand the most severe conditions. It will withstand high temperatures of about 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yamalube fishing reel grease provides excellent lubrication that significantly improves the performance of your fishing reels. It is highly water-resistant and extraordinary anti-corrosive. Yamalube grease is able to protect the reel components even when exposed to saltwater. In addition, it sticks very well to all friction surfaces and resists washout. Although this is technically multipurpose fishing grease, it is only recommended to use it in parts where the service manual recommends the use of grease.

This fishing grease boasts two quality abilities and works as both a corrosion inhibitor and a lubricator. Yamalube skillful design and packaging let you use both through squirting and with a pressure gun, each method guarantees success. The following is what makes these fishing grease fisherman favorites.

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  • Excellent lubrication
  • Improves the performance of your fishing reel
  • Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater reel lubrication
  • High water resistance
  • Amazing anti-corrosion
  • Sticks well and resists washout
  • Made to withstand extreme conditions

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What is Fishing Grease?

Fishing grease is use for lubricating and keeping the internal workings of fishing reel free of friction. Over time, these reels may begin to wear out, which will eventually break down an internal component.

Without lubricating your fishing reel, you will experience a grinding sensation, this will followed by increasing friction when revolving the handle and eventually your reel will break down completely. In some cases, your fishing line may be under a lot of pressure because the reel does not work properly, which may lead to loss of fish.


Why Fishing Grease? Whats the big deal?

In the paragraphs ab0ve, we discussed some of the different types of best grease for fishing reels, which will help increase the lifetime of your fishing reels. Greasing your reel is among the most important tasks of every fisherman.

Fishing reel greases are designed for this purpose. They help keep the reel moving parts well lubricated and easy to operate. They also provide a protective film over the reel to prevent harm from temperature, water, or even saltwater. Before we go into details, let’s take a look at some common things to look for in the best fishing reel grease and how it can be beneficial to you and your fishing gear.


Why do you need fishing reel grease?

Good grease will prolong the life of your fishing reels. Each time you use your reels near water, particularly saltwater, and the possibility of corrosion and water damage increases. When the saltwater dries, small minerals remain, this can accumulate and gradually corrode your reels.

Filth and other tiny particles can penetrate the reels bearings, causing wear and tear over time. A regular greasing will reduce much of this damage. If you are serious about prolonging the life of your reels, it is also important to clean them frequently. Just like you wouldn’t drive a car for years without maintenance and changing the oil, therefore don’t use your fishing reels for a while without greasing it.


What are the advantages of fishing reel grease and oils?

The major benefit of greasing your reel is for longevity. If you have bought a good and expensive reel, you will want to get everything you can out of it. With proper greasing and maintenance, you can use your reel for many years.

The fact is that no fisherman will like to lose a fish, so to avoid a corrode reel which may eventually lead to losing a fish, it is better to take at least five minutes to put some grease in our reels. So take your time and make sure the inner workings of your fishing reel are well lubricating and free from dirt and debris.

Now that we have the general idea of what fishing grease is and its uses, let’s take a look at some of the best grease for fishing reels. Each option comes with its own unique features to better suit your needs.


Things to look out for when buying fishing reel grease


Fishing grease comes in different viscosity. Light grease is better for reaching hard-to-reach places and will work on all components.

Corrosion resistance:

One of the key components to look out for when buying reel grease is corrosion resistance. This is very important if you are fishing in saltwater environments. There are highly corrosive reel components that can destroy an unprotected reel. In general, synthetics are the best to prevent the development of rust.

Water resistance:

All fishing grease will be somewhat water-resistant, this is because the best fishing grease cannot be washed away or be dissolved by water. This is because this lets them create a long-lasting coat over the surface of the fishing reel parts so they can offer the protection they were made to offer. Therefore, tips when buying fishing grease include looking out for features like water stability or water resistance.

Thermal Resistance:

If you fish in cold environments, you will need to ensure your grease will stay liquefied even in sub-zero temperatures. This means that they are not easily affected by severe weather. And don’t forget that the reel grease should not harden because of the low temperatures when fishing during winter. Therefore get only the best fishing reel grease for your reels.