Cat Fishing Lures: 2 Ultimate Fish Catching Colors Revealed


Catfishing and Catching Big Beautiful Cats with lures while fish in Lake St Clair. Mr C. reels in yet another big catfish while out on a beautiful calm day. Warm and not too humid with no wind and just enough sun coming through some picture perfect clouds to make it an excellent day for hunting Big Channel Catfish and enjoying outdoor life out on the water using his cat fishing lures.


cat fishing lures

Mr C holds another Fish Tropy Caught with his Cat Fishing Lures. He holds it in his hands after a Fun Battle with this Beautiful Cat Fish who was vicious enough to come up off the bottom and hammer a big minnow body bait lure.


Are Catfish Fast and Vicious Lure Biting Machines?

Catfish were aggressive and hammering body bait luresCat Fish Fishing with Lures running 3-5 feet below the surface of the water approx 10 to 12 feet in depth while cat fishing this day. What a fight! Are these big Lake St Clair catfish ever strong, wow, and hungry too, coming up from the bottom to attack big dinner sized live target fishing luresir?source=bk&t=bdfishingcanaiceusa 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=128061dd39ad2ed56fd741854bd543b4& cb=1453415162404 to try and feed themselves quickly so they can go back to relaxing on the bottom once again.

Lures we use. Our secrets revealed! These catch catfish and all sports fish in the area. Do yourself a favor and buy these. No joke. Click on any image for more information. Get the deep diving and shallow running both. Great for fishing in 10-12 foot of water and 17-20 foot water depths.

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Cat fishing Lures Proven Baits Uncovered for Big Fish

Live target lures, they are the ticket! and work like a charm, so good even a cat fish will eat em! Don’t forget how much they like worms too, but if you run out don’t fear! These fish will attack the right chosen lures with the proper given action and give you one heck of a battle to remember. Catfishing with lures is a fun way to catch fish without spending money on live baits.


cat fishing

Cat Fishing How to catch catfish without worms using lures only

How to go catfishing and catch them without worms:

Try gold and silver cat fishing lures depending on the day, conditions, sunlight, cloud cover etc, as they are all working on the display of the lure in the water. Make sure to experiment, do not be afraid to constantly switch up your lures. If ones not working don’t give up! SWITCH.

Lucky Ole Catfish Today Put Back to Breed for Tomorrow.This particular fish was a lucky one today as Mr. C decided to release him gently back into the water to grow yet even bigger still so we can fish for him again next year. Not to mention all the fine breeding a big fish like this can do to help preserve fish stocks in an Eco system such as the Lake St Clair watershed where he was caught on some fine go-to cat fishing lures from the tackle box.


Can You Eat Catfish? Are they Weird Tasting or Delicious?

Of course you can eat catfish!  Give me one right now, ummm. Larger size fish contain more chances of higher levels of certain contaminants though. Be sure to check the Guide to Eating Ontario Sports Fish in Ontario when cooking different types of catfish for shore lunch and consuming these or any other species for that matter. Most provinces, states, etc have testing for fish toxicity levels so be sure to see what the guidelines are in Ontario or your specific local region are.

Smaller fish are generally better to eat and allowing the bigger fish to remain in the water system to breed is the best way to go! Larger fish produce thousands of more eggs per spawning season so put that monster back safely after taking your pictures for keepsakes.

Please also practice catch and release cat fishing and reviving your fish if tired out after the battle so we can all enjoy these wonderful healthy sources of protein and fun for years more to come.

Yes, catfish have different ways to be cleaned, and yes some people find them ugly, but there are some quicker and easier ways to clean catfish than others and some people also find these fish beautiful and tasty.


Catfishing Food > Smoke em if ya got one!

Catfishing Lures

Catfish and Worm not the only diet these days!

Smoking them is also a good way to consume these kinds of fish and many others and might be something you may want to try if you do not already. Perhaps I will talk about smoking your fish and cleaning them in another blog post about how to catch catfish in the future.

Generally though, you want to keep and eat the smaller to mid size catfish as they will be the safest to consume with less chances of any known source of lake or river contaminants having had any chances to accumulate to any unacceptable or unsafe eating threshold. Check out your local fish eating guide for more details on fish consumption.

Conclusion:Cat Fishing Lures are not to be overlooked. Although, stink baits and live baits are common tactics for these fish, catfishing lures add a new dimension to your fishing arsenal.  Have fun and stay active fishing, alone, with a buddy, or remember to take a kid fishing. Bookmark us and tuned for more fun and Cat Fishing information as I will be adding more fun and stories and resources to it over time. Have fun, get outside, and take your kids or grand kids fishing, they will love it!


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