Catfish Dough Balls: How to Make Dough Balls For Catfishing

Catfish Dough Balls Artificial Dough Baits

If you are interested in how to make dough balls for catfishing and catching more catfish, one of the most effective baits that can be used is catfish dough balls or dough baits. The use of dough bait to catch catfish is not difficult, especially if you know the rules of the game and abide by them. In this article, we will discuss Catfish dough ball baits and the effective tips when fishing catfish.

Using the best Catfish dough balls as baits are the most important catfishing fact for producing great numbers of cat fish on your stringers each outing.  The best catfish dough balls and baits can give you the top results in terms of catfishing pleasure and fun. Both the taste and smell usually attract catfish; therefore they both are the most important factors when using stink baits.

Some fishermen recommend using brightly colored stink baits, although catfish do not have a great sense of vision. Other popular catfish stink baits include shrimp, garlic, licorice, and chicken liver flavors to make the best dough ball baits for catching fish while also fishing at affordable prices. Don’t forget the importance of the best hooks to use for the different types of catfish as well.

Toolbox full of Catfish dough balls stink baits

 Toolbox full of Catfish dough balls


List of Ingredients For Making Homemade Catfish Dough Bait

These are the important items we will cover for you in this article and made a handy list for you to use quickly for those who are like me and always anxious to get out catching catfish.

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How to make dough balls for catfishing

Main catfish dough ball recipe:

For making dough ball baits, you need four main ingredients:

  1. one cup of flour,
  2. one cup of cornmeal,
  3. MAIN Course either one tin of sardines or chicken liver or use cheese fishing bait
  4. and a one-ounce bottle of anise extract which is a licorice flavor, or garlic, or blood for flavour

You will also need some water to add for the right consistency. Start by carefully whisking together the cornmeal and flour and in a large blending bowl. Try using combinations of these main killer catfish dough ball ingredients. Knowing how to make dough balls now, you can experiment with different stinky concoctions to make your fishing days more productive. The use of sodas, cherry cool aid, and jello mixtures can they be added to the main ingredients above to fine tune your flavor, and consistency of the catfish dough balls.

Like mentioned before some people use various colors to the catfish and carp dough balls recipe. Although not necessary, it maybe helps when your fishing in clearer waters to have the bright colors to add another dimension to the main one your already targeting and that’s the fishes smell and taste for them

A lot of these baits can also be used interchangeably for catching carp as well. If your using a smaller dough ball bait and hook you may end up with some carp and freshwater drum on your line as well if that specie of fish is an inhabitant of the same waters you fish.


Important tips on how to make dough balls for fishing catfish

  • You can make custom-made or soaked dip grains to attract the catfish to your position when using it in the bait area.
  • The great sense of smell of the cat fish leads them to bait also dipped in dead earthworms. Yup its stinky to.
  • Dough bait is a type of bait that works continuously. Emitting flavors in the water.
  • Dough baits are the best when it comes to flavor stink bait fishing and are easy to make.
  • These baits stay on the hook, therefore you do not have the fear of losing your bait.
  • You can make catfish dough baits at home using bread, flour, cornmeal, oatmeal, or even cereal. So for any of them just add some liquid to the dry the ingredients that will act as a mixing medium for the ingredients to join together.
  • Tuna in water or tuna in oil can be used for bidding purposes. Red sodas can help add color to homemade bait for catfish. Also cherry cool aid or cherry jello use these to toughen up as well as bind mixtures together
  • cool aid toughens the fish and chicken bait balls, whereas jello helps hold things together. Use one or the other or both depending on what all you put into your catfish dough balls
  • Add the flavor and aroma to taste by adding cheese or corn and forming small balls.
  • You can also buy dough baits in the store; they are cheap and you don’t have to do the work or clean up.
  • Special rigs can also be bought especially for catfishing dough balls.

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If you bought a meat paste from the market, make smaller dough balls off and dip them in freshly smelling juice by putting them in seal-able plastic bags.


Experiment with the ingredients above but these are your main flavors below to add in your catfish dough ball recipe.


Ingredients on their own or with flavors (Hard Ingredients)

  • Cheese
  • Chicken Liver
  • Sardines
  • Tuna

Flavors on their own or with ingredients above (Soft Ingredients)

  • Licorice
  • Blood
  • Garlic
  • Worm Flavors

Extras for color and binders to mix in your dough

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  • cherry cool aid
  • jellos of different colors
  • Grains of all kinds ie, flour, bread, cornmeal etc

Just remember its simple but also you have to be smart. Think about all of the above and what combinations would work best in your waters. Then the addition of jellos, letting it sit, put in the fridge, the use of flour, cornmeal, etc to hold your stink bait concoction together. Its easy to do, and the ingredients are all there, the trick is getting it to stay on your hook sometimes when casting.


Here is a video of how simple it is for the basics on how to make catfish dough baits. Then you adjust with all you have learned above regarding. Hope that helps you all get started.


Catfish homemade bait choices other than dough balls

Night crawlers are traditional favorites and are used by many fishermen to help catch plenty of catfish constantly.
Beef livers or Chicken also makes ideal bait for catfish. The larger bait sizes should be used to catch larger catfish.

Livers soaked in garlic or tuna can work well, just let them dry in the sun instead of in a cool place.. And cheese is also a good choice for the taste catfish love, especially cheese like cheddar cheese.


Best catfish dough ball bait flavors you can buy

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Best doughball baits and punch baits pre made and reasonably priced.

The ones above are sometimes hard to get and sell out. Grab a couple bags when you can so you have em when you need em. Just saying that because sometimes I wait and then the products I like go out of stock for a month.

Experiment with all the ingredients and flavors above to make your own but here is a quick easy dough bait shopping guide. I have included a list of only the top producing catfish baits that you can buy for cat fishing in the table above because sometimes its just quicker and easier to do.


Common dough ball complaints and my solutions

It flies off the hook, what do I do to keep my dough bait on the hook?

The only complaint with one of the flavors is it did not cast as far as someone would have liked. We all know that if you lob on an over sized weight and whip cast a dough ball bait 100 yards, that its probably not a good idea. Sometimes these baits if the package is left open will dry out and lose some moisture which is also helpful to keep its pliability to stay on the hook. Once you open a package keep it closed after each use.

Try putting it, along with other soft baits, stink baits etc, into a larger heavy duty double sealed zip lock bag to keep them softer and fresh. Also make sure to buy some treble hooks especially made for dough bait. Without them, you are already going to be frustrated I tell you right now.

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I don’t have the time to make my own dough bait

People who work alot and have little time to prepare and make their own may opt to buy proven punch/dip/dough baits instead. Myself included. However if on vacation and have time to spare, why not have fun making your own fish catching machine formulas. But yes, now a days we do not have much time and are busy trying to make a living to survive. Try some of the 4 best rated dough ball flavors which ever ones are in stock and that you can get your hands on from the table above. They are the worth their weight in gold when it comes to lbs of delicious cat fish meat you’ll catch.


Where to use your catfish dough ball bait recipes

These catfish dough baits are really great choices for fishing catfish when used in the right places.  Ponds are a great place to hammer catfish with dough ball baits. Another great place to use dough balls for catfish is in muddy creeks and marshy areas. The muddier the water in lakes streams and creeks, the better it is to use a stinky old dough bait. Do not worry, the catfish will find you when you follow the guidelines in my  best homemade ingredients list and store bought baits lists above.

With sight being little good for them here, they will be hunting for food big time wither their sense of smell. Your stinky dough baits will be just the thing to make your day a good one.

And lastly, don’t forget in terms of best baits for catfishing, live bait like worms from your own worm farm will always give you the cheapest and best results in most circumstances especially catfishing in clearer waters.