Catfish Video on Lake St Clair Fishing for Beautiful Cat Fish

This catfish video of a strong, muscle bound Lake St Clair channel catfish battled hard after hammering the lure running 5 feet down in 12 foot of water. The feisty fish must have been super hungry. It roared up off the bottom and smashed the big body bait lure that was also used to target musky! How do you like that? Pretty cool! Yes, and you never know what you’re going to get sometimes even when targeting specific kinds of fish. He must have known we were going to do a catfish video on him so that’s why he attacked the big musky lure!


Beautiful Catfish Video Catching a Cat Fish

Caught by Mr C while Fishing with a Big Lure on Lake St Clair


The catfish video we took of this fine fella and his nice catch showed how really great and healthy looking he was. The catfish skin color was as one of the better looking kinds of catfish we have caught lately. Nice and firm, beautiful color, and strong as could be.

Fishing the best catfish baits like simple pickerel rigs with a worm from your own worm farm is all it can take on any given day to catch one of these curious catfish. Yet catching them on big body bait lure is still as it was the first time, a surprise!


Catfish Baits of Old

I remember ever since I was a boy of catching these big and small channel catfish. We used worms or homemade dough balls with garlic and other stinky ingredients mixed in. These were mixed together to concoct an irresistible smelling bait to catch these fish. These dough balls worked especially well back in the day when the water used to be murkier then it is now.

That of course was before the days of zebra mussels when the water was generally a lot murkier and silty then it is now. The catfish had to rely on their smell more than their sight. Now a days I don’t need stick bait or worms, I just grab my secret catfish lure and away I go!


Big Catfish Video Lake St Clair CatFishing

Big Catfish with Mr C Proud owner

Catfish and other Fishing Videos Better now in Clearer Waters

The lakes have and are still changing a great deal, but more on that soon. They seemed to have changed a great deal as the catfish have clear water to roam around in now. This is allowing them to see these big lures and they are coming up from the bottom where they like to hang out and smashing them! I don’t recall losing a one of them yet as they bite so hard and get hooked every time.

It seems any kind of fish just wants to eat anything else resembling a fish smaller than himself on Lake St Clair.  Especially now that the water is so crystal clear on most days other than after storms throughout the summer. Still though, the water settles back down and clears fairly quickly. I have several times snagged weeds to bring them up full of mussels clinging to everything. Mussels are the filters of the water way. The only problem is, it is changing the dynamic of the Lakes and the fish within them, as I noticed this year quite a bit. However I will talk about that subject in one of my next articles.


Catfish Have Adapted to Clear Water

Gettingback to the catfish video, they have adapted over the years. Now when hungry don’t be surprised to find one on the end of your lure the next time you’re fishing for a musky, you might just catch a huge lake cat instead! No size of lure is stopping them from a big meal it seems these days.


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catfish video on Lake St Clair Catfishing

Beautiful Catfish Pin me for the heck of  it!

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