How to find out if someone is a Catfish: (How to Be a Catfish Online)

Knowing how to find out if someone is a catfish is important in today’s epic surge in online Cat Fishing for People. The question is how do you find out if someone is actually a catfish catfishing you? You need to know the signs, be aware and be safe online and in real life. Protecting your financial assets from harm as well as protecting your mental well being are key. Learn what to look for here today. Let us deep dive into how to find out if someone is a scum sucking catfish online after god knows what….

The Best way how to find out if someone is a catfish is by examining what it is that they do.

How a Catfish Is Born

how to find out if someone is a catfish

Are you being catfished online? Or just being used? Copyright:


How to Be A Catfish Online

Catfishing Starts with Personals Pages

This is what you would do if you were the Catfisher:

Submit your picture, a bio, your likes, dislikes, and why you think you are a good catch for someone out there. Or send in a video or picture video combination and get yourself up on a Catfishing Web Page! This could be on a dating site or Facebook.

Fake Photos are Posted

Use a fake photo or cartoon character of yourself or go incognito and just provide a picture of your favorite stuff. Like food, pets, hobbies etc. Then in time update to a real photo picture but still a fake one.

You talk to people online but never face to face

Then you can supply your email, telephone, Facebook Page and all other information you want on the page. The site you use can make these for you easily with their platforms already set up.  Then you can promote it anywhere on the web you want! You don’t want phone calls so just post your Skype, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, Google Plus Page, or just your email. Maybe nothing at all! Just be mysterious and sexy with no way to contact you! Yup that’s the catfishing way!

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How to Be a Catfish Online Is Easy

No need to set up your own website, or hosting, worrying about seo, and content and pages. You just let Facebook and all the other social sites do the work for you with your fake profile. Then you have a page you can link to and email to people, send to potential friends or anyone else for that matter. You can be out there on the web in online profile search directory’s and you never know who may contact you to hook up online. Some sites let you get your own web page and chat room on the page as well.

So who wants their own catfishing page? Get started now and become a scum sucking liar on the world wide web.


So how do you find out if someone is a catfish?


Catfished Online Catfishing People

Catfished Online How to Find Out if Someone is Catfishing or Using You.


These are Catfish Signs they are after you. If someone is asking you for money you are being catfished. If someone wants you to send them gifts, you are being catfished. When someone is looking for sympathy and trying to get you to feel bad for them, you also may be being catfished. Not asking for money or gifts? It may be sex they are after. BE AWARE.

If you are not meeting this person in a face to face public place during the day, ask why?

If they want to meet you in a remote or weird location. LOOK OUT. Remember the sex? Maybe they are a rapist lunatic murderer for all you know.

If they do not want to talk on the phone regularly, or on skype with video, look out. Ask why?


Devils Advocate

Maybe they are not catfishing you and your not getting catfished. Perhaps they haven’t asked for money and they haven’t asked for gifts. What if they are not interested in sex but a relationship? Hmm, why the hell do they not video chat then? Why will they not meet up at the coffee shop? Those are some pretty big ways how to find out if someone is a catfish for sure.

You may be catfishing yourself

Look at Yourself and See If you are setting yourself up to be catfished.

Think, think, think, what did you do lately? Did you post something silly online while drinking awhile ago? Did you seem lonely, did you seem kinky and post sexy comments? If so you may have invited the catfishers in. Here’s something else to think about. Did you brag recently about paying off your car? Purchase a new boat? Maybe your mortgage free now and posted that online you bragger you.


You Might Not Get Catfished but You May Get Used

how to know if someone is catfishing you online

Two Sexy Girls. Angel and Devil. Are you being Used or Are you the User Copyright: Maybe you know how to be a catfish already subconsciously and are reversing the role without knowing


Ohhh yaa, I did get a little drunk and start shooting off about my financial or relationship status. OOps I posted my mortgage free papers online, I guess I better be aware now of new found friends. Yes be aware now that you may not get catfished but you may get used. If someone seems to take a liking to you now, ask yourself why?

Does this person like boating, the water, etc and you posted about your new yacht you just bought? If so, think again about hanging around this user. Stick your friends you have already they are happy for you.

Perhaps your mortgage free now and blabbed it all over and suddenly you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is interested in you now. Funny they weren’t last week. Maybe they are attractive and after money. A little sex, get you wound up and the next thing they are asking you to move in to your nice mortgage free house. Yup, you better say no. Or at the very least get a pre nump set up first.

Catfisher Reversal How to Be A Catfish Online!

Perhaps you start out being catfished and then become the catfisher! Some people may use the new boat they just bought to lure you in. That’s why they are posting it online. Perhaps they want you to come around, put out, and then dump you  for the catfisher that you are.

Maybe the smart ones who do not want to be victims but have a need to be filled are not interested in you using them because they want to use you. Now we are just talking about human psychology and getting what we want out of people and not really catfishing at all.

Its just a way to hook up and offer something, like the boat trip, new car ride, free vacation etc. You get what you want which is sex, love? affection? then when the user tries to put the relationship to the marriage, move in point, out they go. BAM! Reversal.

BE AWARE: Think long and hard 

So in conclusion, you may on the worst end get catfished if you are not careful. While in the least, if you could call it that, get used. While getting used may be just as bad if you end up losing half that boat or house in 3 months after your married.

This may have been a good looking catfish who was happy to show themselves to you. SO ask yourself not just the question am I being catfished but am I being used and taken advantage of. AM I  the gullible one, or am I allowing my self to get used so I can get what I want as well. Perhaps you are the real catfisher. Oh what a tangled web we weave……


Is Catfishing Online Legal?

Its not Illegal until you scam someone out of all their money. Even then its a grey area depending on all the circumstances that have transpired, if you take peoples money under false pretenses then its fraud. Yes fraud is against the law.

Are we headed down that road with catfishing? Or there already?

I guess that’s the really true way of catfishing and scamming someone completely. By marrying them and eventually taking all their money for a ride. If one person brings nothing in to the marriage, but another has all the assets then do not marry, or get a pre marriage agreement drawn up by a law firm first. Protect yourself at all times like in boxing.

With catfishing, I guess until marriage, its strickly gift giving and entirely up to you. Just don’t do it. Stop giving your money and gifts away to scammers. But again with catfishing if you take money under fraudulent circumstances then your into fraud, and a scum bag at the same time. Its a slippery slope for sure.

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