Legal DMCA linking embedding information

Legal DMCA Linking Embedding Information

Legal DMCA Linking Embedding Information

“” and/or its affiliate “BIGDADDYFishingCanada” and or its Partners do not host any of the Videos Submitted shown on its website or “other sites” such as in YouTube. The site doesn’t host any of the content within its own servers and it links to the contents uploaded by the popular Online Video hosting sites like, and other popular video hosts. This website at links to these host websites either directly or by an embed code.

We cannot be held liable for content uploaded by members of 3rd parties’ websites.

“” and/or “BIGDADDYFishingCanada” is not responsible for what other people upload to 3rd party sites. We urge all copyright owners, to recognize that the links contained within this site are located somewhere else on the web. If you have any legal issues please contact appropriate media file owners / hosts.

As a public service we have posted a list of most used video hosting sites below at the bottom of the page, some or most, we do not even use ourselves but provided for your information.

All trademarks, trade names, service marks, images, copyrighted work, logos etc referenced herein belong to their respective owners/companies. We just help you promote your video for which you receive credit for from your host site you uploaded to ie.

YouTube by linking to your site directly or by embedding code which is Legal Under the DMCA which allows for linking and embedding and for your information we then provide our own seo and humor commentary to a topic page that may or may not relate to your subject video for our readers about a topic.

You may then earn more potential ad revenue and exposure for your brand and we gain more viewers to our website. This is why websites choose to embed and or link to other videos. It is a win win situation.

How Do I stay out of trouble and avoid copyright infringement and General Things not to do to stay out of trouble online with all the social sharing sites like YouTube Facebook etc.

What Not to do on social sharing sites under DMCA>>

Its when you attempt to steal and use as your own others trademarks, trade names, service marks, images, copyrighted work, logos etc then you are breaking copyright law. Its also against the law to download and host others work directly and use it as your own on your own servers. See the difference?

Do not post nudity and violent content, use someone else’s picture as your own, or steal and use trademarks as your own and don’t download and alter content made by others. Don’t attack, threaten or harass others in your videos or posts.

If you read all the fine print in YouTube, Facebook and on other sites you will know that you are basically giving them and their users the right to use and distribute your content. Its all about social sharing of everything but within the rules. Just use common sense and don’t do the things outlined in this paragraph and you will stay out of trouble.

Am I allowed to Link to or Embed Videos?

Yes, Linking to or embedding someones video and not altering it is what you are allowed to do. That’s why there is a ton of social sharing sites now. Just do not claim it as your own, or alter it or download it or use someones logos and trade marks.

General Information to Help Paint a Picture of How Someone would like to see their pictures and videos used and not to be used 

Use my videos and pictures, and link to, or embed them, and promote them all around the web I want you too. Just don’t steal my logo and start selling fishing shirts and hats with it and using my content for sale, see? Yup I think you got it.

Just like I wont sell shirts or anything for that matter with your logo on it, but all those video shares of my videos and your videos by everyone on the social websites may bring you and I the exposure to help us sell our own brand merchandise and build our brands and readership to our blogs etc etc.! Don’t take my videos and start hacking them up and putting your logo on it just embed it or link to it and its all good!

I don’t mind going anywhere on the web seeing my video or pictures there just so long as I do not see a woo commerce store full of shirts and mugs with my logos and pictures on them! Or my videos recreated with someone else’s logo streaming across the headline using it as their own to sell their own stuff! I want to go to a site and see all my videos embedded or linked to gaining me exposure so that people will get to know and then google my brand name and come to my website and read my articles, and shop and buy my products with my logos on them!

Legal DMCA linking embedding information what we can do to help:

If a video is violating copyright and you want us to remove that videos/content because it is not your original content and has been altered or it has been claimed by someone submitting it here with their logos and pictures placed in the video, or you have any other Query, Please Contact The Source of the Video being Hosted Below First. They will contact the alleged offender and make remedies on their hosting sites. Again we do not host videos you need to go to the source.

In the mean time you can also Contact Us with your video contact url and we will gladly replace it if found you are the rightful owner of the video content and have your own unique url for its embedding and remove the one that had changes made to it.

We also have some of our own original content videos, which we allow others to link to on their websites if they so wish just so long as they do not download or make claim to the content and or change it in any way and claim it to be their own by removing our branding from it and switching our content to their own accounts for embedding or linking to.

Direct linking to our links or using our embed code is what we require the same as the policy we follow when we link to or embed  to your content from one of the Host Providers. Sorry if we keep repeating ourselves but we just want to help for it to be clear, and hopefully the way we described it has helped you today in this article. I know it took some research to get to the point of understanding and finding the information you need is sometimes hard to find or not explained in a clear concise manner.

Again, if someone has not just linked to your video which is allowed, but pirated your video as their own, or made changes to your videos, contact the sources that Host videos below and file a complaint with the Host Provider as WE DO NOT HOST Videos. The video will then cease to play here on our site as well as on the Host Provider when they remove it from their servers.

List of HOST PROVIDERS Note: We only use and support embedding and linking from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion & Facebook the Rest are Included for your additional information and help for you to seek removal of unlawful use of your material. We have posted this information to help out our lawful friends who also like to play by the rules and act fairly.

We hope that you find these links provided below and this article in general with examples has been helpful for you in distinguishing between copyright violations and legal sharing and embedding of video in layman terms.

Listing for Email Contacts For Legal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Copyright Violations.

If someone has stolen your work and made videos by altering it instead of properly linking to or just embedding your content in an unaltered fashion like they are supposed to, or done something else similar to these Potential Violations then contact the source host below and get it fixed.

Dailymotion :

Facebook :


Instagram :


Twitter :

Vimeo :

For example of DMCA copyright infringement issues one just needs to take a look at Googles YouTube Complaint Form for guidance on if you have a copyright complaint. Removal of content complaints for copyright are a legal process and as such must not be abused or you may lose your rights and privileges to host your content with video hosting services like YouTube. Here you can get information on Retracting a copyright claim and Help Information on How to Manage your Copy Rights on You Tube.

Note: We also have a Submit Video Button if you would like for us to consider linking to your video to help you gain an additional area of exposure through our site to your content where you host it. We will be glad to list it here and promote it unaltered just as you have made it. Here is Our Submit Video Page

We do not guarantee submission to our website but will consider all content based on merit and suitability to our sites end users and intended market. We prefer non explicit, non violent, fishing/outdoors/nature/weather/animal videos only. As sport-fishing is an outdoor sport we will strive to make this an outdoor recreation website.

Hopefully this Legal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) information helps clear up some of the confusion as to what is a true copy right violation.

Legal DMCA linking embedding information final thoughts:

This article is not made to be taken as legal advice in your specific situation as yours may be a complicated matter requiring a lawyer versed in such matters.

This is general information pertaining to the legality of sharing and embedding videos which is of our concern and pertains to most. If you do not want your videos shared or on the internet, do not upload them to any host provider period is the best bet. Especially private, family affairs and intimate videos and others of a personal nature. Then they will not be shared or potentially downloaded/pirated by anyone. Be careful and think twice before posting sensitive family content anywhere on the internet. Be sure to get approval of all those in the video as well.

Now, Knowing that you want video and memes etc shared go upload them to YouTube, Facebook etc, realizing you are granting such rights for them to be shared and embedded and linked to as this is what these social sites do! But if anyone alters it, harasses you, etc. File a Legal Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint its your right.  P.S> This is our logo, do not use it…..   🙂  Just kidding please do use it but only by linking back to any one of our pages on this site! Better yet Pin them all!

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