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Perch Introduction Abundant and Fun To Catch

Perch Fishing the freshwater perch is arguably the most abundant of fish in North America. It is supposedly present in almost all states in the US. Perch are also available all year round. A fish for all seasons, you may say. Its abundance in most locations may be the reason why fishermen and anglers are constantly obsessed with catching them. They hardly move alone so if you are lucky enough to see or catch one perch, be sure there is a school of perch close by.

Prepare for a feeding spree when locating them, and catch until your heart’s content. This is the reason why passionate fishermen will bait as many hooks as legally possible once they have located a school of perch. Just make sure you do not exceed your limit! Last I checked it was 40 for most places in Ontario, down from 50. BUT don\t listen to me I am not the MNR. Check your local fishing regs to make sure your fishing safe and sustain-ably for years to come.


perch fishing Great Lakes yellow perch

Perch are Beautiful Fish

The Perch can be described as a deep bodied fish that has two large and erect dorsal fins; the first fin has an array of strong and very sharp spines.

It also has two other less obvious spines, one on each gill cover, which may leave a sharp memory for any trespasser. Perch also have an orange red color in the fin and lower tail.

The back is tiger striped and olive green in color; the stripes usually have almost seven dark bands that may get down to the belly.


Perch Fishing is Good for You

A regular serving of perch, cooked evenly, contains about 99 calories. It is very low in fat, with each serving containing almost 21.1 g of protein, but merely 1 g of fat. They are however higher in cholesterol than bass, with about 98 mg per serving.

But just like bass, a serving of perch provides 25% of the selenium your body needs. Others include 18% of your daily copper requirements, 33% of manganese, 12% of iron for men, and 6% for women. It also provides 10% of your daily niacin requirement, 15% of pantothenic acid, and 78% of B-12; all these are water-soluble vitamins.


Perch Fishing History

Perch rarely get as big as the typical game fishes do and even though we prefer the big catch, do not undervalue the smaller ones, as they are famed to be even tastier than the big ones. In 1960’s, perch suffered a massive epidemic of ulcer disease, which led to a decline that rapidly depleted the growing stocks. In recent years, the species is on the increase and you will likely find perch in most waters.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, around 400,000 kg of fresh perch fillets were exported from Holland to other European countries every other week.  This figure has improved and risen to above 700,000 kg. Only a mere 5% of this total import remains in Holland. The rest is exported to the United States, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Scandinavia.

The perch is a tasty sweet looking fish but due to their small size and the fact that they lack the fighting ability which characteristically attracts experienced anglers, they are unpopular like other game fishes, such as salmon or trout which are salmonid fishes.

They may however be suitable for beginners and amateurs. Except when it comes to Jumbo perch fishing. Ya right, sure. I love perch fishing, once you try it you may get hooked like I did. You will see that on light tackle and small rods and reels these are a tough fish to fight pound for pound. Yup thats a figure of speech because most are under a pound!


Perch Fishing Jumbo Yellow Perch


Get yourself a Perch Go Fishing

The number one rule for catching perch is to have the basic information of where and how to catch them. First, you have to know the location where they congregate in large numbers. Second you must be certain that you are using the right fishing equipment and bait.


Habitat to Look for when Perch Fishing

They occur more in freshwater habitats with structures, such as jetty piers, tree roots, rocks, weeds, reeds, dams, bridges, and submerged objects, especially if plants grow there. They are also known to have a preference for freshwater that is still or flowing slow.

Follow the plants to encounter bait fishes like perch. The bigger ones wander deep, while the smaller perch may not. So you know just what to do to have a memorable fishing expedition, yes move around and find them. Tip: Fish for perch in the mornings. You can hardly ever catch perch during the dark as they are mostly inactive during sundown hours, so it will be wise for an angler to pick an afternoon time or better yet wake up early which is best.


Perch are Easy to Go Fishing For

The best fishermen know that perch are not picky when they need to feed and that is the best moment to capture them.  If you are a stickler for live bait, you have an array of choices to pick from and these include: night crawlers, wax worms, insect larvae, grasshoppers, crayfish, minnows, just to mention a few as the list is endless.

Always remember to hook minnows through the tail to generate more activity, which attracts the fish. You may also take note of their unusual attraction to the color red when selecting bait. This is textbook style fishing, where I have always preferred hooking through both lips. This is what I do and I catch more fish than some.

Studies have shown that perch, particularly the adult, reduces the occurrence of prey that hunt in lakes because they observe a strict carnivorous diet. The adults feed mainly on other fish. A wise choice for newbies is to fish in the deep. Perch will most likely assemble in the deep for most of the season.

As suggested, go for locations with submerged objects because they consider such locations as a hiding place, especially when they need to feed. Perch are always quick to react on sight alone with the slightest provocation. This is a weakness that favors anglers and fishermen as it makes them fairly easy to catch regardless of the perch fishing method utilized.

We have had them attack all kinds of different lures. They are true warriors for their small size.


Gear Up and Get a Leg Up on Perch Fishing

Technological advancement has influenced all facets of life, including perch fishing. Fishing enthusiasts now use sound waves to detect underwater objects, including fish. There is a projected graph on a screen that shows how deep the water is and also shows the objects between the boat and the bottom of the water.

Once the sound waves bounce off an object on its way, it will show up on the screen and this could locate your perch schools for you. Discover bait balls, and other larger fish as well with these electronic marvels.


Perch Fishing Tackle

Once we know the best locations to find perch, we must also pick the best equipment to have a nearly guaranteed catch.  It is common for fishermen to go fish for perch with conventional techniques such as traditional rods, reels, and casting techniques, but you can also fly fish for perch. However, jigging, and casting, and drift fishing and still fishing are the best overall techniques for catching yellow perch.


Perch Fishing Lures

The lures to be used should be small and light in weight because perch have small mouths.  Lures vary in style and color, but Perch are characteristically attracted to colors that are bright and flashy. The basic rod and reel is good enough for perch fishing.  Many anglers and fishermen consider lighter tackle as a perfect choice especially if jig fishing, which involves moving the rod up and down or sideways for the lure.  Some also consider casting while they drift or troll. The common reels used for perch fishing are the Ultra-light open or closed spinning reels.


Perch are Tasty

The fish itself has a remarkable taste and texture very similar to that of the Sea Bass, where perch are largely consumed in Europe. They are somewhat regular sights in fish markets and restaurants in France, although hardly consumed in England.

Popular fishing locations include Lac Leman or Lake Geneva where vast amounts of perch can be found everywhere. You may try the ‘filet du perche’, delicate little fillets rolled in flour and pan-fried with butter and lemon.  This would be quite the introduction to perch, which are largely overlooked by seafood lovers and fishermen. Except me, grab the butter, lemon, olive oil, and fish crisp, let out the belt, and eat lots of perch fillets. Yum.


Yellow Perch Fishing the Great Lakes

Perch fishing the yellow perch is a freshwater fishing favorite which comes in different species but the most hunted kind of perch by anglers or fishermen is the “Yellow Perch”. Weighing a little over 0.9027kg in weight and growing a little over 30.48cm in size, the yellow perch are really small in size and weight but have quite a delectable taste. However, a few eventually grow beyond this description and are called “Jumbo Perch” and these are why we like to go perch fishing. The thrill of catching jumbo yellow perch on light tackle is legendary.


Perch are great for Fishing since they swim in Schools

These fish always move in varying sizes of schools making it easier to catch them in large numbers, especially in the winter through the ice. Perch are carnivorous fish that mainly attack relatively smaller fish and sea animals like rock bass for food.

It is also a known fact that these fish have a particular fondness for live prey. Since they are small and equally feed on small fishes and sea animals, you’re not likely to find them in large water bodies. They are mostly found in small bodies of water like lakes, rivers and ponds.

Ya right, says the idiot on the internet, I wont mention who said this but you can google the wrong fishing information just as quick as the right ones now a days since you never know who’s made it to the top of the search engines. They are most plentiful in LARGE bodies of water. Lake Erie, Lake St Clair, Lake Simcoe, blow small inland lakes out of the water? lol….


Where do we go fishing for perch?

Lol, yup Lake St Clair and Lake Erie are sure small bodies of water are they not. That’s what others say on the internet, but us Great Lakes fisherman know better. Some of these websites and resources on the internet have no clue like we do on the Great Lakes. We have the yellow perch migrating all through the Great Lakes Watershed.

Yellow Perch

I know for one that they are thick in parts of Lake Eerie, and North of Kettle Point in Lake Huron where the water gets deeper. Small perch can be caught year round with a few big ones in the spring on Lake St Clair.

But boy, in the winter, the yellow perch must use this lake as a staging ground for the spring spawn and a winter hangout. Yellow perch are thick as thieves in the winter months on Lake St Clair. These are no small bodies of water!

Well ok you can catch them in smaller lakes and ponds too, so that’s not a lie but its not where most of them are though. Unless of course people think Lake Simcoe is small! Its another great yellow perch fishery especially through the ice. Lots of fun you should definitely try ice fishing for perch on Lake Simcoe.


Perch Fishing Tips and Techniques

Fishing for Perch is quite easier than you probably guessed. All you need is some live bait, a small hook, a lightweight rod and 6 lb. test line, a top brand type of spinning reel and you are ready for some cool catching fun. I wont tell you what to do, but I do recommend spinning reels. Grab a small one and hook it up to a small light action rod and hold on.

Since they are small fish, you don’t need thick rods or large hooks. If you use a hook that is too big, you reduce or even lose your chance of catching them as the hooks will be bigger than they can swallow. On the other hand, if the hook is too small they may end up swallowing the entire hook, and gutting it. Use a moderately sized hook. Well I don’t know just fish casual!

You will know by the average size fish you are catching. Get yourself some perch fishing rigs. They have tiny spinners and snelled hooks just the right size so you dont have to think. Just fish. For the best catch, the bait must be a live one. Worms can do the trick. But when this is not available minnows are the next best thing. Spinners will work just fine too, especially on sunny days. Whatever the case, any bait used will do, as long as it is alive. Or you make it look alive by jigging it aggressively.

I am just kidding about minnows by the way being second best. Minnows are the best, and worms second, however minnows are generally more expensive, and hard to keep alive during warm months. But worms keep better and are less expensive and still catch fish.


yellow perch fishing

Live Baits for Perch Fishing ALL DAY

Although plastic worms can lure them in, nothing comes close to using life baits with respect to attracting and catching the yellow perch. Therefore stick to live bait as much as possible.

They work wonders! Using a hook sinker, you could wrap a worm around it, or tip spinners with the worm, or use a pickerel rig plain and simple, with minnows or worms. Small grubs, white ones are good too. Anything that is buggy and wiggly will do! Lol.. throw a live big black spider on a hook on the surface and see how long it lasts.


Best times for Perch Fishing

The best time to go fishing is usually in the morning or just after dinner. However, you should not confine yourself to this period because catches can still be made all day long. As long as there is water you can catch fish but I always have and still do fish the mornings. Plus this gives lots of time for cleaning and enjoying the fish dinner afterwards, and resting at lunch before going out again in the evening for walleye. Come back in and clean fish, eat, drink, sleep, repeat.


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