TYPES OF FISHING REELS (Top 3) & (7 Best Fishing Reel Brands)


People often ask: What are the top fishing reel brands? What are the best types of fishing reels? The answer lies in among the fact that there are seven major brands of fishing reel manufacturers, all making different types of common fishing reels. One brand may make a better type of fishing reel than another.

So the brand and the types of reels they produce are both important factors. We have an all inclusive, ultimate review for you here on the best types of fishing reels and the top fishing reel brands today. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of fishing reels.


What is a Fishing Reel?

I know silly question. A fishing reel is a piece of equipment used to deploy and retrieve a fishing line using a spool fitted on an axle. As its name suggests, this device is used for fishing, also known as angling. Angling is a sport of catching saltwater or freshwater fish, the participants are known as anglers.

best types of fishing reels

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Top Brands and Types

There seem to be a lot of people with articles on the first page of google confusing this issue. They are using key word phrases such as best fishing reel brands, and then showing you types of fishing reels instead. The problem is these are two different articles all together. There are the top fishing reel brands that are making the reels, these are the brand manufacturers. Then there are the best types of fishing reels, which are kinds, makes, and models that the top fishing reel brands are producing.

I say this to clear this up, and not just use key words to shove amazon products at you but to get you the correct information you need. It seems as though the two are used interchangeably, and some are looking for brand info, but search for types, and vice versa. Hopefully google figures this out as well and serves up this page for both the key brand information and types of fishing reels people are looking to get information on both.

So what I did was two articles one on top fishing brands and another on the best types of fishing reels and combine them into an ultimate guide for you here today and I hope you enjoy and find the information you need. Please support our efforts and utilize our affiliate links which pay a small commission at no cost to you. In no way does the tiny commission amount affect product listings. Trust me, just Click on any image for more details and you will see.


Top Fishing Reel Brands Review

Best Shakespeare Fishing Reels and Combos:

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Shakespeare has been a pioneer in the production of high-quality fishing equipment since 1897, becoming one of the oldest fishing gear manufacturers in the United States. As a brand, they understand the affordability, value, and performance of each reel they produce. Their reels are constructed and designed with accurate research and development. All Shakespeare fishing reels exhibit superior features and high quality that ensure you have a reliable fishing reel for any fishing scenario.



With Shakespeare, you will absolutely like and trust their reels. Most fishermen have a great love for Shakespeare’s fishing reels due to their long history of proven performance. These reels are designed for catching fish and that is exactly what they do best! Grab a Shakespeare’s reel and you will not be disappointed!


Best Daiwa fishing Reels and Combos:

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Choosing the perfect fishing reel for your pole is not as easy as it seems; but, by doing a little research, you can find a high-quality reel that suits your rod. If you are looking for a new fishing reel, you may need some time to consider the different options available. So, starts looking for a new fishing reel by researching the different models that suit your fishing style.

You can search different reels online and read other fishermen reviews. Once you have a little information about the different brands, you will be able to make a more knowledgeable choice. As you are doing this research to get a perfect reel for your tackle box, you will need to examine and get information about Daiwa Reels. These reels are among the most durable and popular reels in the industry. To overlook Daiwa reels when making a decision would be a big mistake.


Daiwa reels are known for their diversity and interchangeability between many fishing methods. This means that with a Daiwa reel you can do many different kinds of fishing. This means that you will save money because you will not have to purchase a fishing reel for each kind of fishing method you plan to do.

These reels are made of high-quality materials and it is known to outlast a lot of competing reels in the market. This is a great advantage because it means that you will replace your reels less often and, therefore, save money. Daiwa reels are made from the best bearings in the industry, so they will be sure to perform when you hook a monster fish on your line. Make sure you lubricate them, and as long as you do that, your bearings should last you a long.


Best Penn Fishing Reels and Combos:

Penn has been famous for its high-quality fishing reels for almost 80 years. According to critics and consumers, “Penn has the best fishing reels in the market.” Whatever nature can throw at them, Penn reels can handle  it. These reels are often times so durable that they outlast any other fishing reel, this also makes them economical.

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Every Penn reels have the best components that money can buy. Penn has all kinds of different fishing reels that  you can imagine. Penn reels are often found to cast easier and better than many other brands of reels you can imagine and it is almost certain that you too may benefit from them.

Most Penn fishing reels are made with graphite side plates and such parts which gives it a lightweight feeling. No matter what kind of fishing activity is carried out, there are enough Penn reels waiting to do the job. There are bait casting reels by Penn, Spinning reels by Penn, boating reels, and Penn surf casting reels, to name a few.


Best Shimano Fishing Reels and Combos:

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This is one of the most popular types of fishing reels in the market today.

Quite simply, a lot of fishermen use Shimano to help them achieve their fishing goals, so it can certainly be the next consideration for the purchase of your next type of fishing reel. No matter what fishing reel parts you need, you can be sure that Shimano offers.

Shimano is among the most famous names in the fishing equipment industry; the company is very popular all over the world. Shimano was originally founded in Japan in the twentieth century and was specialized in the production of bearings and gears for fishing. Their Curado 200 series is among the company’s latest fishing equipment, and it is a legend in the fishing industry as it keeps working year after year. This is also one of the best fishing reels that money can buy.



To purchase Shinamo products, you can use online stores for the easiest search. First of all, you can go to the company fishing department, or you can get it from Amazon delivered to your door. Regardless of where you choose to buy, make sure you know what you are looking for before you go and buy something. However your support of our links is greatly appreciated as they do not influence product decisions and they add no cost to you.


Best Okuma Fishing Reels and Combos:

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These are the type of reels that are preferred by experienced fishermen. The best place to get this reel is Amazon. Shop this reel brand for your next perfect fishing outing. Whether you are going after a new record, heavyweight giant fish or you are just fishing mid-range species, Okuma fishing reels are the best. Each of these reels comes boasting with innovative new features.



Okuma Titus Gold Reel is one of best. It is light and full of power. This high-speed reel is great but hard to find. Okuma reels bearings and stainless gears, along with ergo handle help to make them both easy and reliable for catching your next fish.

Regardless of the brand you buy, there are a few main things that you will want to look for in your fishing reel. The first is the quality and type of the bearings used. The bearings used will either make or break your reel. These reels make use of the best bearings in the industry to be able to perform even when you have a monster fish on the peeling line from the spool as it runs and fights.


Best Abu Garcia Reels and Combo:

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These reels have the reputation they have due to their longtime ability to deliver. After passing the test of time, these reels are user-friendly; they help improve the comfort and utility of a good fun fishing trip. Well regarded throughout the fishing community. Abu Garcia reels are without doubt the reels of choice for all types of fishermen.



These reels have been known in the fishing industry as among the best fishing reels for the money. Since the late 1940s when the reel was launched to recreational fishermen, they have been a symbol of quality and have been in demand by fishermen of all ages and nationalities. Abu Garcia reels are now widely available globally and are still considered one of the most impressive reels in the market.

The Abu Garcia fishing reel brand offer several options for all types of fishing techniques and conditions. It is easy to access the interior making oiling and cleaning the reels quite simple. The reel stride makes the action of reeling in as friction-free as possible. Abu Garcia reels are designed primarily to allow every fisherman to choose a suitable model based on factors such as fishing preference, hand size, and price range.

So if you are looking for your first Garcia reel, begin by narrowing down your fishing options and then check the difference in each reel. This will enable you determine the right model for how often you fish and how you like the reel to work and feel in your hand. To be comfortable while fishing begins with the right clothing and ends with the right equipment, if you don’t have the right equipment, your experience will, of course, be less comfortable.


Best Zebco Fishing Reels and Combos:

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It is important that all fishing enthusiasts or anglers have the best equipment for fishing. The best types of  equipment are important in all sports, but more so in fishing where reliable tackle is perhaps even more vital to the sport than is the skill needed to catch fish.

The combination of little skill needed for beginners to have fun then relies on the best fishing reel brands and types of reels to help you comfortably catch those fish without breakdowns every day. The right equipment can be of great importance in what you catch. Zebco is one of the most reliable companies in the world known for the manufacture of large amounts of fishing equipment for years, and every passing year they keep adding innovation to their products to provide fishermen with better and more reliable tools to meet their needs.



Zebco is a well-known company around the globe, especially in the United States for providing reliable fishing equipment for all types of fishermen. Today the company is one of the best-known brands that provide fishing equipment to the American public. They are also one of the largest fishing tackle companies in the world.

Their equipment is known for its ease of use because the company markets the design they introduced and pioneered in 1949 that effectively eliminates backlash from fishing reels. They manufacture equipment in all price ranges and for all skill levels of fishermen, so their equipment is very popular among professionals, as well as with amateur fishermen.

Backlash is one problem with fishing reels particularly with the most sophisticated fishing equipment for professionals, and zebco solved the problem with its new design and even today has a variety of models with the same easy cast design that they have introduced into the fishing tackle market years ago.


Choosing from the 5 Types of Fishing Reels

top fishing reel types and brands

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The 5 Kinds of Fishing Reels are:

  1. Spincast
  2. Spinning
  3. Baitcasting
  4. Trolling
  5. Fly

The 3  most popular kinds of fishing reels most often used are the Spincast, Spinning, and Baitcasting reels. While trolling reels and fly fishing reels are also popular, but more so they are specialized to boat fishing in the case of trolling reels, and rivers, ponds, streams for fly fishing.


Spincast reel or (Closed face type):

These are the best types of fishing reels for children, beginners, and fishermen who just want to get their line in the water and sit back with their preferred beverage of choice. The spincast fishing reel is best used for lightweight “throw it and wait” kind of fishing in the creek, ponds, and other locations that don’t require an accurate and long cast. Because of the light lines used, the favorite fish are sunfish, catfish, and small trout fish. Anything bigger you run the risk of breaking your line when trying to land big fish.

The spincast fishing reel type is a fully enclosed reel with the line on the spool that wraps vertically on the line as it exits the reel and runs up the rod. It is designed to deal with the main problems of other types of reels that include snares, lines twisting, and backlash. A spincast reel has a button at the back that you press and release while you cast your line, and click on the button again to set the line in place and then turn the handle on the side to retrieve your catch.

The main disadvantage of the spincast reel type is the short casting distances allowed as a result of drag on the line while rubbing against the side of the reel when coming out of the opening. Also because of the smaller line capacity of the spool, you will be limited to the lighter lines, and this then also limits the hook size and the bait setup, and eventually the fish size that you can catch successfully. Exeption: The Zebco 33 has many fisherman claiming it casts just as far as the open faced spinning reels. Some swear by it.

This type of fishing reel is very popular and a favorite among both new to fishing and those old timers who prefer easy casting.

Spinning Reels or (Open Faced Type):

This is one of the best types of fishing reels preferred by fisherman of all kinds for ice fishing, casting long distances, still fishing, rivers, lakes, ponds, and surf. A lot of fisherman enjoy the look and feel of a spinning reel. You can see the line on the spool, and therefore easily spot flaws in the line. Nicks and abrasions can  be often found easier than with a closed face spin casting type of reel. I often watch my line as I reel it in and check for wear and tear.

There is also far less bird nesting with this reel compared to bait casting reels, but to each his own. Once you are a fluent caster, switching from a bait casting to a spinning reel, then to a bait casting may be a good progression to follow. You don’t know till you try.

There is also good control similar to that of the bait caster, except rather than using my thumb I simply use my fingers to slow down, or even stop a cast to where I want my lure to land. I have always preferred this kind of reel.

I also love these spinning reels as a favorite for ice fishing and surf fishing fun. Small reels for ice fishing, average size for most freshwater fishing and big models for when surf fishing those big sharks and sting rays.


Bait Casting Reel:


  • Easy thumb control
  • Great for Bass Fishing
  • Good for lure placement in and around cover


  • Not Easy to Cast for beginners
  • Line can tangle easily
  • Arguably not as much casting distance for some sizes of lures

These types of reels are either loved or hated, with no in between. Lots of bass fisherman swear by them and are their go to reel type when fishing tournaments, and for recreation.


Trolling Reels:

These types of reels are used by boat fisherman. They are tough, and durable, built to fish by trolling at higher speeds, they are tough and ready to fight those large salmon, trout, and pike/musky if your a freshwater fisherman. Or those big bill fish, tuna, shark, barracuda, and other large salt water game fish.

These reels also tend to be in the higher price ranges as they are intended for trolling on the surface as well as the fact they hold a great deal of line. This makes them good for getting down deep into the great lakes and out into the ocean depths depending on where and what you are fishing for.

For instance, the Lake Trout often sit at the bottom of deep lake pockets in the summer and you have to start trolling way deep in the lake to catch these fish along with the salmon and walleye who often also head to deeper water in the heat of the summer.


Fly Reels:

Wow, if you like the total feel for fishing with manual control and using your hand as the drag to bring in the fish, then a good old fashioned fly reel is for you. Total control of man vs fish with your fly fishing line, rod, and fly reel all providing that dimension to fishing that some people enjoy immensely.


fly fishing types of reels

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There is nothing like the cool look of a fly reel and the hands on feel and satisfaction of fishing flies over the water and seeing a fish slam it on the surface. Then together with your fly fishing rod and reel, wading out and standing in the middle of a river, its just pure fishing, pure presentation, pure fight between you and the fish.

These reels are again specialized especially more so to river fishing in general, and usually by those who seek adventure. If you crave to battle a fish on his home turf, get yourself some waders, a fly rod and reel and head right out into where the fish live to do battle with them. Forget about gear ratios and setting drag, use the palm or heel of your hand to apply drag and fight the fish manually.


Types of Fishing Reels and Top Fishing Reel Brands Conclusion:

If you are an experienced fisherman, you perhaps knew everything that I had mentioned in this article. But for inexperienced fisherman or those seeking more top fishing reel brands information, I hope this article was  perfect for you.

This article is to help fisherman choose the right brand of reel and type of fishing reel for a better fishing experience for him or her. I have listed the major brands, features and the benefits of these best brands and 5 types of fishing reels available and hope you have a great fishing trip each and every day.

There are several variations of each of these reels, but here I only cover the basics just to help you choose the best reel which you will feel comfortable with and without over complicating what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity, surely to be enjoyed.

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